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Week 13: Online Gaming

Early Bird: Roshni (Rosh Writer)

Blog of the Week: Cheilla (Cheilla Forcella)

Special Mentions:
Sabrina (?)

Wei Yang (Terence Juutilainen)

Adnan (?)

Ha (Asami Kamachi)

Nashrin (Rin Larsson)

Li Rong (EubeG Oh)

Daphne (Velvet Villota)

Aliah (Elsa Maertens)

Maria Paul (Francessca Ronmark)

Yong En (Jogious Beck)

Kenny Yeo (Yoda Rotaru)

Mariani Chen (Mariani Cortes)

Melissa Leong (Mellie Laval)

Jerry Tan (Wrex Winkler)

Jonathan Lee (xunja Bade)

Joanne (Joanne Benelli)

Hema (Hema Nishi)


Raihana (Skarlet Jewell)

Ee Lin (Elynzz Bailey)

Renhao Wong (Farinelli Robbiani)

Sham (Euphrosyne Whitfield)

Andrea Ng (?)

Ainil (linia Hykova)

Rosalyn (eva047 vella)

Faith (Faithyy Beaumont)

Creative Style:
Zawiyah (Arwan Heron)


Carol Liu (Lorac Beresford)

Suying (Sydnee Sands)

Felicia Song (Felsong Anatine)

Zhi (?)

Fudzy (Fudzy Sands)

Hai Lee (Halley Shilova + Halley Larsson)

Jiayi (Jychris Yoshikawa)

Dionne (no name, but funny story)

Derek Sun (DJMark Straaf)

Amanda Kee (Nicki Cazalet)

Monica Loo (NCmon Jewell)

Valerie (about SL problems)

Shelwyn Neo (Shelly Martinek)

Ho Viet Hai (G0d Tenk)

Week 13: Bonus #2

Early Bird: Kenny Yeo (Yoda Rotaru)

Blog of the Week: Yepp

Special Mentions:



Hai Lee (Halley Shilova + Halley Larsson)

Jiayi (Jychris Yoshikawa)

Jonathan Lee

Derek Sun

Maria Paul

Jane Killick

Benjamin Chen

Ee Lin

Andrea Ng



Samantha Wong




Creative Style:

Week 12: Citizen Journalism

Early Bird:

Blog of the Week:

Special Mentions:

Creative Style:

Week 11: Politics

Early Bird:

Blog of the Week:

Special Mentions

Creative Style:

Week 10: Online Communities
What is community? Can community emerge from online interaction? What are the implication of the internet for traditional communities? This week, we’ll be discussing the concept of computer-mediated community. The QotW is: Would you consider as an online community?

Early Bird: Valerie’s ““Twit Twit..Twiddle de TWITTER!”

Blog of the Week: Eh? Who won ah?

Special Mentions
Zawiyah’s “Is everyone twitting now?
Cheilla’s “Twit… Twit… Twittero!
Faith’s “Twit. Twitter. Twittest. Twitter = Online Community?” (no permalink?)
Li Rong’s “Tweet Tweet Tweeter!
Ximin’s “Much ado about twittering
Hema’s “Twitter – MicroBlogging
Jonathan Lee’s “Twitter Dum, Twitter Dee
Ruzaidah’s “Twitter – An Online Community?
Shelwyn’s “So what are you doing now?
Andrea Ng’s “Twitter Action!
Maria Paul’s “Tweety Twitter – Restoration?
Thi Thu Ha’s “Tweets, tweets, tweets – What are you doing?
Renhao’s “Birds of feather flock to Twitter
Yepp’s “Page to Place

Creative Style
Amanda’s “Twit, Twitting, Twitted.
Ee Lin’s “Online Communities –
Hai Lee’s “Is it… Or is it not?
Jose’s “Twitter: Is It What I Think It Is?
Maria Monica’s “What is Twitter?
Menon’s “It’s a bird…It’s a plane….no its just a TWITTER!!!!
Sabrina’s “The Survival of Twitter …
Derek’s “Online Twitters
Kenny’s “WTH is Twitter?
Jonathan Yip’s “

Week 9: Privacy, Surveillance, Sousveillance
Privacy, and the lack thereof, are increasingly important topics in the information age. This coming week, we’ll be exploring the world of privacy, surveillance, marketing, and politics.After reading The Naked Crowd (2004) by Jeffrey Rosen, use key concepts in the reading to explain how you negotiate your privacy online or offline, by giving a case study of your affiliation with a particular service (e.g. social network, blogs Youtube, school, business, etc).

Early Bird: Carol’s “Power to the People

Blog of the Week: Li Rong’s “What Privacy?

Special Mentions
Ying-Zhi’s “Lose your privacy with Friendster
Felicia Song’s “My Dirty little Secret
Jon Lee’s “Privacy = Leave Me Alone!
Jiayi’s “Privacy = Kiss and Tell?
Maria’s “Am I being watched?
Siti’s “Privacy, Surveillance, Sousveillance
Joanne’s “Space Of My Own
Fudzy’s “My Valuable Info
Kenny’s “I know what you did last summer
Ha’s “Have we actually lost our right to privacy?
Ximin’s “How much of you is online?
Hema’s “Privacy: Appreciate while you have it
Cheilla’s “You don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it
Sabrina’s “Friendster Profiles
Derek’s “Be Prepared for an Invasion
Christabel’s “You can’t see me, but I can
Xian’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People… Online?

Creative Style
Zawiyah’s “What’s the deal with Self-Revelation?
Amanda’s “Do Not Disturb. Privacy Please!
Mariani’s “No Trespassing Please!
Shelwyn’s “Hi, may I eavesdrop?
Daphne’s “Do not imagine how I look like online
Hai’s “Who is Who?
Adnan’s “The Age of Insecurity
Rosalyn’s “Voyeurs, Voyeurs everywhere, no one’s Privacy is spared!

Week 9: Bonus #1

Early Bird:

Blog of the Week:

Special Mentions

Creative Style:

Week 8: COM125 Study Guide (Wiki)
A few helpful students contributed to the exam study guide at

Week 7: Online Identity
After reading “Identity and Deception in the Virtual Community” by Judith Donath (1996), identify an online identity you own or are familiar with, show where it is virtually situated (e.g. email, blogs, forums, IM, IRC, MMORPG), and how this chosen identity establishes reputation (i.e. via what kind of interactions). Finally, show how someone else could possibly assume this chosen online identity (i.e. identity theft).Early Bird: Jiayi’s “Is that really me online?” (IRC, no permalink?)

Blog of the Week: Amanda’s “I Am Anyone I Want To Be” (Friendster ID theft)

Special Mentions

Creative Style

Week 4: Gift Economy (or Internet Economy)
After reading “The Economies of Online Cooperation” by Kollack (1999), identify an “economy” that you participate in (or with which you are at least familiar), and show that it is a gift economy.Early Bird: Pam’s “It is better to give than to receive” (Timezone watch forum)Blog of the Week: Ximin’s “Of Giving and Receiving” (Prima Guides vs. GameFAQs, user behavior)

Special Mentions

Creative Style

Week 3: Sharing, Copyright & Creative Culture
How can we accommodate both the interests of content creators and the public good? What technical and social structures are needed to do so?Early Bird: Yepp’s “Pirates of the Virtual WorldBlog of the Week: Christabel’s “The Power of Consumers

Special Mentions

Creative Style

Week 2: History of the Internet
Elaborate on a particular Internet technology from the year 1994 or earlier (e.g. newsgroups, IRC, email, hypertext), then present an argument on how the Internet you use today was influenced by this development.Blog of the Week: Kenny’s “Evolution of MMORPGsSpecial Mentions


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