QotW4: Internet Economies and You…

The Gift by Lewis Hyde

A gift economy is an economic system in which the prevalent mode of exchange is for goods and services to be given without explicit agreement upon a quid pro quo (the Latin term for the concept of “a favor for a favor”). Typically, this occurs in a cultural context where there is an expectation either of reciprocation—in the form of goods or services of comparable value, or of political support, general loyalty, honor to the giver, etc.—or of the gift being passed on in some other manner. This can be considered a form of reciprocal altruism. In other cases, gifting is done without implicit expectation of reciprocation (“Gift Economy“, 2007).

Here’s the Question of the Week (QotW):

  1. After reading “The Economies of Online Cooperation” by Kollack (1999), identify an “economy” that you participate in (or with which you are at least familiar), and show that it is a gift economy. Examples include: Photographic Societies, Anime Groups, Car Tuning Enthusiasts, Sports Fan Clubs, Open Source Projects and so much more!
  2. Cite facts from the Kollack article (1999), including at least two additional sources from this week’s readings or from external peer-reviewed sources.
  3. Make a specific argument in 700 words (proper written English), supported with at least three APA-style citations.
  4. Start the title of your blog post as “QotW4: _____”
  5. Drop a comment here with a permalink to your blog post.

Extended to 10th Feb, Saturday, 5pm
(Warning: Late work will not be graded)

A gift economy is an economic system in which goods and services are given, rather than traded. For our present generation, the Internet has naturally allowed for the development of several gift economies.

Gift Economies

Many kinds of Gift Economies, this is an example:
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)


Creative Commons


76 Responses to QotW4: Internet Economies and You…

  1. Wong Renhao says:

    Note to Kevin/classmateys: the Open Source Wikipedia link seems a little outdated. Apparently it was “merged” with the following URL, although I don’t see anything obvious of such a nature.


  2. theory says:

    As to note to what Renhao saw, Wikipedia articles are always in-flux, and as such, sometimes articles are merged or separated according to how contributors to that page vote on it. It doesn’t mean that it is invalid and is usually still usable as a citation.

    I do caution that as Wikipedia articles can change daily or even hourly, it’s credibility as a academic citation is always in question. To be on the safe side, educators like myself recommend that you use Wikipedia as a starting point for research, NEVER as an ending point. That is, it’s better if you use the references mentioned in the Wikipedia, rather than the Wikipedia article itself.

    If you have more questions, do ask me in person as it’ll be easier to show what I mean.

  3. Pam says:

    here’s the gift… i finally posted my 3rd blog assignment! hope its right 🙂

    The Gift: http://pam-mylittleblackdress.blogspot.com/2007/02/qotw4-it-is-better-to-give-than-to.html

  4. Benjamin Yap says:

    really have too many assignments to do…. i am drowning but anyway i hope this is right… i killed a few thousand brain cells for this…

  5. jiayi says:

    this is my wrk….finalli done!

  6. u get my temperture rising! so much to read. however much, im done


  7. Tharavathi Sithi says:

    And so I tried to get that book like an idiot and it doesn’t seem to exist in this part of the world. Referring to “The Gift” here. 😦

  8. Khoo LayHowe Bryan Anthony says:

    Here’s to hoping I did this one right.


  9. Sangheetha says:

    this week’s assignment

  10. Yong En says:

    Okay…I’m close to fallin on my keyboard..but the work is done!! Yay..

    here’s my link: http://www.com125bazzar.blogspot.com

  11. Jonathan Yip says:

    here’s this weeks assignment

  12. Shamala says:

    here is my assignment…

  13. Hans A Yamin says:

    DONE!!! phew… here u go!


    Btw, Mr.Kevin you might wanna take a look at my previous post, I think you’re gonna like what I put up.


  14. Mariani says:

    sick at here, so sorry if the assignment is messy

  15. Mariani says:

    sick at here, so sorry if the assignment is such a messy

  16. Roshni Rawla says:

    Hi. Heres my assignment. thanks.

  17. Jerry Tan says:

    Here’s the link of the car forum i was talking about…

  18. Cheon Ee Lin says:

    Sorry, Mr Kevin, I did post a permalink in the comments section. I’ve checked. Maybe there is some technical problems. Would you kindly update me if you still could not see it so that the next time I post a comment, I will know whether or not it is posted. Thank you.

  19. […] as a form of social currency in an online community. If you’re interested, here are the reading materials I assigned back in Feb 2007. Readership () […]

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