Your COM125 Study Guide (wiki)

COM125 Study Guide (Wiki)
[Original photo by Mariani Chen]

UPDATE: Get cracking on this so we can use it for the exam review.

Instead of a blog assignment this week, you’ll be building an exam study guide together as a class:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-up for a user account if you haven’t (might require my approval).
  3. Once logged in, explore the topics for the exam.
  4. Add and/or Edit key definitions and possible questions for class.
  5. Check back often as other may improve on what you’ve added (Wiki’s RSS feed).

It’s rather sparse for now, but if everyone contributes, it should be pretty neat. The sign-up is rather painless as some of you have already registered.

For most of you, it’s probably the first time you’re working on a wiki, so I’ve found Wikispaces to be the easiest to use since it works similar to your blog (WYSIWYG), without the need to learn CamelCase (a wiki formatting language).

A study guide used to be something some of you would do on your own, but with a wiki, everyone can collaborate and help one another out. We did this as graduate students and loved it, but we’ll have to see if you guys find it useful as well.

Ironically (or intentionally) , by contributing to this wiki, you’ll be practicing what you’ve learnt on gift economies, creative commons and online identity. It is hoped that you’ll not only benefit for your exam, but experience what it would be like to be a contributor to larger public wikis such as Wikipedia.

Additional thoughts:

  • I’m looking for a few volunteers to be given “organizer” status, where you have more control over the wiki than a regular user. I’m letting you power-users own the space while I’ll be riding shotgun. Let me know in the comments.
  • If good points are posted, I might just use some of it as exam questions.
  • Oh, and I might drop some exam hints in there… it pays to check back (or subscribe to the wiki’s RSS feed).
  • Feel free to ask questions in the comments. Students who can help answer questions are also welcomed. 🙂

17 Responses to Your COM125 Study Guide (wiki)

  1. […] learn more, see the student instructions or go straight to the […]

  2. Mariani says:

    err..sir…Copyright! you illegally took my pic. Change lar, that one is ugly 😦

  3. Renhao says:

    Technically, she didn’t put a CC license… but Kevin credited you what… must put Creative Commons lincense la Mariani, important. ^^ It’s nice what… where got ugly lol

  4. Mariani says:

    Mr. Kevin, I want to ask, do you still have the time magazine? the one that with ‘person of the year edition”

  5. Mariani says:

    I want to borrow it. Thx

  6. theory says:

    Mariani, do you need it to scan the cover, or do you wish to actually read it? This is because I’ve already scanned the cover as an image if you need it.

  7. Mariani says:

    nope, i need the whole thing. tell u on monday.

  8. jiayi says:

    hey, can i ask for the copyright chpt and the other chpts do we need to read all the readings or just one particular reading?

  9. theory says:

    For copyright, read the required copyright reading as well as know how creative commons works.

  10. Roshni Rawla says:

    hey, wanted to ask if we need to refer to the text book to study the chapters or are the readings and class notes enough? also, do we study all compulsory and additional readings or only compulsory? i was a bit confused about how to prepare for the exam, apart from the wiki.
    one last thing, will u test us with true false and mcq types only or will u include short answers as well?
    thanks kevin.

  11. theory says:

    The exam will be based on the required readings, class handout / notes, and presentations. It will consist of MCQ and short answers.

  12. Regarding the presentations, am I right to assume that we need to download both Class A and B’s presentations?

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  14. […] See the student instructions or go straight to the wiki. […]

  15. […] See the student instructions or go straight to the wiki. […]

  16. […] See the student instructions or go straight to the wiki. […]

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