Bonus Mission 3: COM125 Idol Contest!

COM125 Idol Contest
[Original cassette photo by Rune T]

Are you ready to sing!?!
A private contest on has been arranged for the COM125 class. You’ll be competing on where you’ll rate each other in terms of singing ability. The contest is scheduled to end on 17th April, to which the winners will be determined by the online community (including yourselves).

Great, so where do I start?

  1. Sign up with
  2. Tag each recording you want to enter with “com125idol”.
  3. Submit as many entries as you wish.
  4. Rate your fellow classmates’ submissions.
  5. Embed your recording on your blog to publicize it (sell it baby!)

On April 17th, the winners will be determined by user ratings.

Whatever… what will I win?
Sing your heart out as each contestants stand to win 3 extra credits. Winners will be worshiped by the entire class.

Learning Objective
This contest is for you to experience concepts of user generated content, crowdsourcing, unique entertainment forms, and online community interactions (e.g. populism).

Look here for contest details…

Happy Singing and Good Luck!


45 Responses to Bonus Mission 3: COM125 Idol Contest!

  1. dalina says:

    can we do it in groups? like form a band or something…hehe…

  2. Kevin says:

    YES, but max. four performers per group. Make sure to do a better job by adding images, slideshow or video to your recording on Make it worth my while giving the entire team points.

  3. Kevin…

    I’ve tried to sing @ singshot before, but when I reviewed, it was either the music faster than my voice, or the other way round… How??? Is it because of the internet connection??? 😦

  4. Kevin says:

    Ceilla, maybe you could try it in the school lab or on your friend’s computer. Try a duet if necessary 😀

  5. @ Kevin: Ahhh the sytem down!!! I couldn’t save my song, and it’s the best that i’ve done so far!!!! sob… 😥

  6. :)) I accidentally submitted!!!!!!!!!!!! is there any way i can re-submit? haha 😛

  7. Andrea Ng Y.F. says:

    cheilla…. the music slow? i tot u did it on purpose and it actually sounds quite pro leh

  8. wah suying says:

    oh i tried toooo and the music’s slow toooooo! grr. shall go listn to cheilla’s recording! wheeeeee!

  9. Nur Liyana says:

    yea… it’ll be either the voice faster or slower than the song

  10. Nur Liyana says:

    can we send more than one?? hehehe

  11. Nashrin says:

    grrr… this assignment is sooo not fair for those who wanna earn extra credits but would rather die than sing publicly 😛

  12. jiayi says: there other way we can publish our singing s other than using super laggy….i sang halfway then the music like suddenly stoo..urgggh…can we just post our recordings in our blog with our own choice of songs??

  13. Must we submit recordings that were recorded from 10th April onwards? Can we submit songs we’ve recorded prior to 1oth April? Say..23rd March 07?

  14. Nur Liyana says:

    what’s the max number of entries?

  15. theory says:

    Man, I really hate the lag in Singapore. It’s killing all the fun we have in Second Life and Singshot. I’ll give credits just for trying don’t worry.

    Also, please tag your recordings with “com125idol” on, otherwise it won’t be entered in our contest. If you tag it correctly, it will appear here for us to rate:

  16. Nur Liyana says:


    how to post the recording on our blog? cant seem to find the widget!

  17. Priyanka says:


    how to add the singshot songs into our blog? where to find the widget?

  18. @ priyanka: there’s some tab on the right side when you click play to your recordings, it’s “Post recording to blog”. then you just need to put your blogger account. 🙂

  19. Andrea Ng Y.F. says:

    hey i find it super difficult to post it on the blog. argh. internet’s super slow these days argghhhhh

  20. faithyy says:

    there’s a 53 year old grandpapa from UK or britain that joined our contest!!!
    wahahah!!! and he’s getting all the ratings!!! wahahhahah!!!

  21. faithyy says:

    i posted on my blog le!!! singshot is fun only when the internet’s fast and your mic;s working. otherwise… it sucks! =P

  22. HAha..yea! It really is fun! And really, it’s not about sounding good but it’s more about enjoying the process 🙂 Who cares about going off-key?! Hee..I’ve posted too!

  23. jiayi says:

    yayaya..i posted it 2!!!!!but i tot it sucks..hahaa….super laggy….

  24. Posted…to my blogspot and livejournal..haha…off to record more..whee!

    Hmm..the grandpa is doing WAY better than all of us man. I wonder why he joined our contest?

  25. wah suying says:

    i cant embed my recordings on my blog! it says: “We were unable to login to your blog site. Please provide the username or email as well as the password you use with your blog site.” sobs. dont minus marks from me *begs* HAHA.

  26. Kevin.. i can’t embed my recordings too.. Im having the same problem…

  27. Hans A Yamin says:

    you know wat? I’m really getting sick of all the &^#$^% involved in this mission. All recordings done are out of tempo, and now they can’t even be embedded on my blog. Whatever, I’m outta this BS. Mr.Kevin, I hope you would be able to take note of my participation on this one although it’s not on my blog. I’m sure you can see who did it on singshot itself.

  28. theory says:

    Hans and gang, don’t worry about the embed problem. If you remember Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Try to have fun, even if it’s out of tempo. 🙂

  29. Jose says:

    Figured I should drop the link to my blog with my “wonderful” singing on it!

  30. Jose says:

    Figured I should drop the link with my “wonderful” singing on it!
    *ear plugs are recommended!

  31. Jose says:

    Thought I should post up the link to my blog with my songs.
    *warning: ear plugs may be required!

  32. Hope this counts for class participation 😛

  33. Jerry Tan says:

    im done with the com125 idol. hope it qualifies for the grade, i did my best. Username is wrex

  34. Jerry Tan says:

    sry, had problems uploading to my blog, tagged it under com125 in singshot username wrex.

  35. Roshni Rawla says:

    done with the singshot

  36. Roshni Rawla says:

    done the bonus mission 3
    its on my blog as well
    my username is Rosh

  37. Catherine says:

    my bonus mission is done too. member id is sabishicat! can’t seem to upload it to my blog, so pls dun deduct my marks. :p

  38. mariani says:

    mr kevin, i sag twinkle2 little star wit maria together. we are doig duet

  39. theory says:

    Awesome! So far there are solos, duets and trios! 😀

  40. Yong En says:

    yay..manage to get it in b4 deadline..i am havin fun!!

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