Guest Speaker: Jennifer Lewis, Editor of STOMP

March 30, 2007


At last weekend’s Nexus 2007 conference, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on Citizen Journalism. From there, I got to know one of the speakers, Ms Jennifer Lewis as the Editor of STOMP. Whether you’re a casual blogger or an aspiring journalist, this guest speaker session should be interesting to you.

Ms. Jennifer has taken time off her busy schedule to share with us on what STOMP is about, as well as to discuss the state of citizen journalism in Singapore. I’ve informed her about your blog posts and your suggestions to improve STOMP, so this is a dialogue you won’t want to miss.

As usual, it will be this Wednesday, 10.30-11.30am at LT4.13.

There will be regular lessons for the 2nd day this week, as I need to share with you a short presentation as well as to check on your progress in Second Life.


Our first “Most Popular” blogger: Jiayi

March 29, 2007


Her recent blog post entitled “The STOMP to Citizen Journalism” has caught the attention of Global Voices Online writer, Preetam Rai.

Her article now appears alongside other interesting news from around the blogosphere. Though it’s a quick blurb (which appears on the blog’s sidebar), it’s a good start for something I’ve been encouraging all students to do, that is…

To Get Public Recognition For Your Work

Global Voices Online is a non-profit global citizens’ media project, sponsored by and launched from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School. Since Global Voices Online serves an international community of bloggers, it’s a popular blog, so Jiayi should start getting visitors soon.

@Jiayi: Congrats! You have now earned the first ever COM125 “Most Popular” blog award for being linked by a reputable news media. Keep up the great work! 🙂

@Everyone: Publicize your work! A tip to get visitors would be to read more blogs and to leave decent comments on them. Most bloggers would naturally be curious about you and return the favor in kind!

Second Life getting mainstream here…

March 29, 2007

Lion City

The past two weeks has been interesting. There has been signs of Second Life (SL) getting more mainstream in Singapore. As such, I’m ordering everyone start immersing yourselves into SL early, so as to fully experience what it has to offer. SL has a high learning curve so get the hang on it in your free time. Ride the wave now before you get left behind. Even if you’re too cool for school, you can join in from home.

Some of you showed interest in building a virtual SIM campus in SL, so I’ve contacted SIM administrators for permission. Even if we can’t finish this by the end of this semester, it’s be fun and useful to do it as a project outside of class time. I’ve also contacted Alvin Loo to see if he could give us some land in “Lion City”.

Lastly, I’d like to try to organize a virtual meetup in Second Life. Once more of you are ready, we can meet in there and conduct classes, or just explore the world together.

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QotW9: What’s Citizen Journalism? (w/ extra credit)

March 28, 2007

STOMP slippers

Journalists, Bloggers, Whistleblowers and so much more!

Here’s the Question of the Week (QotW):

  1. Explore The Straits Times’
  2. Based on the readings below, is STOMP an ideal form of citizen journalism for Singapore?
  3. Regardless of your response, how would you improve it?
  4. Make a concise argument in 500 words or more (proper written English), supported with at least two APA-style citations.
  5. Start the title of your blog post as “QotW9: _____”
  6. Drop a comment here with a permalink to your blog post.
  7. *Selected posts will be shared with Jennifer Lewis, Editor of STOMP.

Here’s the Extra-Credit (BONUS MISSION):

  1. Contribute news to STOMP via SMS or MMS at 75557, or via email
  2. If your contribution appears on the site, publish a link to it in the comments below (mark it “BONUS MISSION”)
  3. Extra-credit will only be given if your news gets accepted.

31st March, Saturday, 5pm
Warning: Late work will not be graded

• “We the Media” Chapters 1, 3, 9 (Web / PDF)
Note: The Web version has the whole book on the same page.

• We the Media (remaining chapters)
• Nieman Reports: The Future Is Here, But Do News Media Companies See It? (Web summary / PDF report)
• “How Technology is changing the Media” at Berkman Center for Internet and Society (Google Video)
New York Times: All the World’s a Story (19th March, 2007): Assignment Zero, a new online journalism experiment,  combines reporting efforts of readers to tell the world a story (a crowdsourcing example).

Building a Singaporean Political Blogger Directory

March 27, 2007

Singapore Elections Map

Most of you have adopted a local political blogger in your previous assignment. For those who haven’t, you can still find one. We’re going to help the general public access political discussions online by creating a directory of local political bloggers. Here’s what we’re doing in class:

  1. Go to this Google Spreadsheet…
  2. From your QotW8 blog assignments (or recent find), add your information in the appropriate fields.
  3. This Singapore Political Blogger Directory will shared to all.

Congratulations, you’ve just made the Internet useful again!

Extra material on Online Politics

March 27, 2007

Here are some interesting news relating to what we’ve seen in our readings and presentations:

  1. Fox News exposes the Princeton report that confirms that Diebold machines cannot be trusted in elections (Youtube)
  2. Diebold Voting device maker gets left out of state purchase (The Boston Globe, 26 March 2007)
  3. Internet Voting vs. Large Value e-Commerce (Schneier, 2001)
  4. Tragedy of the Commons (via Wikipedia as a starting point)
  5. Safe havens for hate speech are irresponsible (Danah Boyd, 26 March 2007)

Success! Mon-Tues classes in LTs!

March 21, 2007

UB/SIM COM300 writing class...

Our admin girl, Ann Sum, has confirmed the change of COM125 classes for Monday and Tuesday to LT4.13 instead of those crummy computer labs. Wednesday and Thursdays classes will be in the usual labs so we can have fun there.

Hip Hip Hooray! Kachum Putei!