QotW11: COM125 Study Wiki Reopened!

COM125 Study Guide (Wiki)

[Original photo by Mariani Chen]

Remember the COM125 study wiki?
A few of you have asked to reopen it for the final exam (glad you like it!) so I’ve done it by adding pages to include include the new weekly topics we’ve covered since the mid-term exam.

While the final exam will cover everything after the mid-term, do note that a lot of topics overlap previous content, so don’t be surprised to see questions that test your knowledge on creative commons and gift economies (e.g. Intellectual Property in Games), as well as online identities which occurs in everything we covered so far (e.g. privacy, online communities).

You talk too much… so what do I do?
Once again, instead of a blog assignment this week, you’ll be building an exam study guide together as a class. Read carefully:

  1. Go to com125.wikispaces.com
  2. If you haven’t, sign-up for an account using your real name (requires my approval).
  3. Once logged in, explore the topics for the exam.
  4. Add and/or Edit key definitions and possible questions for class.
  5. Check back often as others may build on what you’ve contributed (Use the Wiki’s RSS feed).
  6. Drop a comment here with your wikispaces username and a description of what you added to earn credits.
  7. DEADLINE: This Sunday, 5pm

Can I do either QotW11 or Bonus Mission #3? Can do both?!?
You may perform either one or both assignments. You will be graded accordingly Mr. Kiasu (e.g. both assignment = 6 pts total).

Learning Objective
Ironically (or intentionally) , by contributing to this wiki, you’ll be practicing what you’ve learnt on gift economies, creative commons and online identity. It is hoped that you’ll not only benefit for your exam, but experience what it would be like to be a contributor to larger public wikis such as Wikipedia.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. Students are encouraged to help answer each other’s questions. 🙂


45 Responses to QotW11: COM125 Study Wiki Reopened!

  1. Priyanka says:


    i cant edit any of the pages on wiki

  2. Hema says:

    hello Kevin, may I know when is the deadline for this wiki assignment?

  3. Kevin….

    I’ve put the table about e-commerce vs. e-voting on the study guide…

    (read: SHILA, not shilia or chilia or chili or something like that) 😛

  4. Kevin says:

    @Priyanka: What’s your username? I don’t see your user account on the wiki.
    @Hema: Good one, almost forgot about that. It’ll be due this Sunday, 5pm.
    @Cheilla: Sorry for saying your name wrongly. Good job on the table.

  5. Mihiri says:

    Kevin, I put up a part on spinning on journalism…. I found it easier to put notes on this as I did it for my presentation… i’ll put up notes later tho…..

  6. Mihiri says:

    arrghh. i meant i’ll update more later.. sorry

  7. Andrea Ng Y.F. says:

    Hi, I did the summary of article, “World of Warcraft: Is It a Game?”


    My wikiusername is AndreaNg

  8. Priyanka says:


    my user name is priyanka_menon……how complicated can i get?

  9. Carol says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I posted up a part on cyborglogs. My nick is cljw84.

  10. Joanne Lin says:

    username: joannelin
    description:virtual economy, virtual asset trade

  11. C Hemalata says:

    hi kevin. i gave the definitions of privacy.

  12. Dionne Wu says:

    Username – dionne_wu
    What I did – Add the part on Issues Concerning the Virtual Economy under ‘Online Gaming’.

  13. Nashrin says:

    user name: Nashrin

    added the part sousveillance and identity theft under privacy and surveillance

  14. Maria Paul says:

    hey Kevin,

    my username is maria12
    – i added some information on “Online Communities”. Gave some key terms to know about.
    – mentioned on the powerpoint slides

  15. Priyanka says:

    Hey! put up my notes on the online community page

  16. Roshni Rawla says:

    hey kevin,
    my user name is roshnirawla.
    i added information about chapter 9 in addition to Mihiri’s Spin.
    i did ways to mislead and trolls and a part of citizen journalism from chapter 9.

  17. Roshni Rawla says:

    hey kevin,
    i cant edit the journalism page. dont know how this works. so i added my part under discussions in jounalism. i think i have to wait to be accepted into the space right? because i am unable to edit the page. is it protected?

  18. Charlotte Ng says:

    My spacename is hnineilwin. I have added some part on online identity theft under prevention of idenity theft and i put some information on what should we do if we have become the online identity theft.. i am not so sure it corrects or not . i just have added under the page .

  19. Roshni Rawla says:

    finally added my part to the main page.
    my user name is roshnirawla.
    i added information about chapter 9 in addition to Mihiri’s Spin.
    i did ways to mislead and trolls and a part of citizen journalism from chapter 9.
    thanks kevin.

  20. Ruzaidah Rasid says:


    Added Chp1 and Nieman Reports part.

  21. Loo Nianci says:

    my username is monica77.

    I edited and added some info about trolling and citizen journalism and online communities

  22. Shamala says:

    Hi kevin..my user name is(dun laugh) shasa_devil..

    i added
    -the rodney king incident under sousveillance
    -surveillance and counter surveillance
    -edited the inverse surveillance part
    -privacy vs surveillance(naked crowd)
    -traditional and new world journalism

    hav a nice weekend!

  23. Goh Li Rong says:


    My username: eubegoh

    I added (Politics):
    – Can the Internet truly create Democracy?
    – Definition and benefits of E-democracy
    – Notion of public sphere (as according to required reading)
    – Feasibility of democracy based on issues like surveillance and control; access and participation; and social issues

  24. Jerry Tan says:

    I added my part about online forums under online communities which explores the various characteristics of forums and how they are being managed. I couldn’t add them to the main page so I left it under discussions. Hope it is ok.

  25. Jerry Tan says:

    Sorry forgot to mention, my username is jerrytan

  26. Andrea Lim says:

    My wiki username: andrea-lim

    I attempted to answer one of your questions – What are the implications of “artificial” scarcity?. I also added a question of my own, (including the answer) – What are some benefits of gaming?


  27. theory says:

    Good work everyone… it’s a good idea to add questions of your own. Shows that you’re thinking widely, which is important for the exam.

  28. Daphne says:

    My username is velveteden.

    My additions are under:



    Hope it helps!

  29. Hi Kevin. I have added the definition of reputation on the online communities page. In addition i have also posted question on the page on how to gain reputation in online communities.

  30. Wan Ting says:

    Hello, I’ve added stuffs under online communities and privacy and surveillance..

    username : tinklebel_ting

    thank you very much. =]

  31. Jose says:

    Hey does anyone else have a problem accessing the wiki? My browser keeps saying the connection has timed out.

  32. Mariani says:

    iam having the probelm too. cannot connect to wikispaces

  33. Sabrina says:

    apparently there was some power outrage thingy in Dallas. People of wikispaces r trying to bring the servers back.

    More information at:

  34. Mariani says:

    mr kevin, i have send you an email about some stuff that i want to put in. please check. thanks

  35. Sabrina says:

    wikispaces is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ho Viet Hai says:

    my user name: hoviethai

  37. Mariani says:

    sir, i hvent been approved by you yet. i have send you the email about the content that i want to added in politics section. thx

  38. faithyy says:

    my username is faithyy.

    i updated section: Online Communities. Question #2 : Why do net participants help those they hardly know?

  39. Mariani says:

    fnish, my nick is mariani
    i have added about internet in singapore in politics part

  40. Jose says:

    My nick is JoseKasijo

    I have added a section on Political Economy, as well as four questions I think should stir the brain a bit!

  41. julius ethan says:


    i didn’t and still don’t know how to leave it as a comment in the proper field. hope this helps!

  42. theory says:

    Julius: Nope, your submission doesn’t count. you’ve missed classes where I showed how to use Wikispaces, so it’s a loss you have to contend with. This is a given to students who actually show up to class.

  43. theory says:

    Two students didn’t post on the wiki, but on the discussion board instead. I also noticed that a two students left wikispaces usernames here, but did not make any edits on the wiki. Note that none of these students will be getting any points since the assignment was not fulfilled. No reason why everyone could do it except the four.

  44. Ho Viet Hai says:

    Updated mind map for Politics, other parts is coming soon!

  45. Ho Viet Hai says:

    Privacy and surveillance’s mind map updated

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