Don’t forget that exams will also cover class discussions, as well as the required readings as seen in our class calendar. If you’ve been blogging and attending class regularly, you’re pretty much on top of things.

Week 13: Net Neutrality + Folksonomy (16th – 17th April 2007)

Week 12: Gaming (9th – 10th April 2007)

Week 11: Journalism (2nd – 3rd April 2007)

  • COM125A presentation: Graham Choo, Wong Renhao, Hans Yamin, Roshni Rawla (Powerpoint, 90kb)
  • COM125B presentation: Lee Ying-Zhi, Pamela Yang, Christabel Wong, Monica, Mihiri Salpitikorala (PDF, 660kb)

Week 10: Online Politics (26th – 27th Mar 2007)

  • COM125A presentation: Maria Paul, Goh Li Rong, Graceilla Yvonne Andries, Mariani (Powerpoint, 1.3mb)
  • COM125B presentation: Adnan Sheikh, Ben Yap, Sarah Lopez, Jose Kasijo, Felicia Lam, and Melvin Fernandez (Powerpoint, 160kb)

Week 9: Online Communities (19th – 20th Mar 2007)

Guest Speaker: Online Communities (To be announced)

  • Benjamin Koe (Hill & Knowlton Senior Associate / New Media Specialist) on “Public Relations & Online Communities” (Powerpoint, coming soon)

Week 8: Privacy And Surveillance (12th – 13th Mar 2007)

  • COM125A presentation: Shamala Devi, Siti Nur Aliah, Siti Hamimah, Dalina Daud (Powerpoint, 1mb)
  • COM125B presentation: Charlotte Ng, Carol Liu, Nashrin Banu, Raihana Omar, Siti Zawiyah, Thu Ha Vo (Powerpoint, 1.4mb)

Week 7: Online Identity (26th – 27th Feb 2007)

Guest Speaker: Internet Security (14th Feb 2007)

Week 5: Gift Economy on the Internet (12th Feb 2007)

Week 4: Sharing, Copyright & Creative Culture (5th – 6th Feb 2007)

  • COM125A presentation: Ang Wei Yang, Jane Killick, Shelwyn Neo, Jonathan Lee (PDF, 820kb)
  • COM125B presentation: Yap Kwong Weng, Melissa Leong, Daphne Ng, Ho Viet Hai, Samantha, Catherine (PDF, 340kb)

Week 3: History of the Internet (29th Jan 2007)

Week 2: Blogging 101 (22nd Jan 2007)


10 Responses to Downloads

  1. Monica Loo says:


    Where are the slides for classB’s creative commons presentation, by Jiayi and Faith?

  2. theory says:

    Monica, you’re probably referring to Faith group’s Gift Economy presentation, which also covers Creative Commons.

  3. PriMenon says:


    The Com125A presentation for week 7 is not opening…says that there is an error

  4. PriMenon says:

    oops its wrkin now

  5. Kevin, could the files be uploaded as powerpoint files instead of pdf in the future? It’s a waste of ink and paper when we can’t manipulate the pdf files. Thanks.

  6. Benjamin Yap says:

    so much to study…. argghhhhhh :>

  7. Monica says:

    Are there slides for Bejamin Koh’s talk, or is the video the only thing?

  8. theory says:

    There are, but they’re just screenshots of web services. I didn’t think it’d be useful as a download. Do you still want them?

  9. Nashrin says:

    I’m just wondering, would there be any instructor’s handouts for privacy and surveillance?

  10. theory says:

    Nashrin: No, exam for that will be from the required readings and from what I mentioned in class.

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