Bonus Mission 3: COM125 Idol Contest!

April 11, 2007

COM125 Idol Contest
[Original cassette photo by Rune T]

Are you ready to sing!?!
A private contest on has been arranged for the COM125 class. You’ll be competing on where you’ll rate each other in terms of singing ability. The contest is scheduled to end on 17th April, to which the winners will be determined by the online community (including yourselves).

Great, so where do I start?

  1. Sign up with
  2. Tag each recording you want to enter with “com125idol”.
  3. Submit as many entries as you wish.
  4. Rate your fellow classmates’ submissions.
  5. Embed your recording on your blog to publicize it (sell it baby!)

On April 17th, the winners will be determined by user ratings.

Whatever… what will I win?
Sing your heart out as each contestants stand to win 3 extra credits. Winners will be worshiped by the entire class.

Learning Objective
This contest is for you to experience concepts of user generated content, crowdsourcing, unique entertainment forms, and online community interactions (e.g. populism).

Look here for contest details…

Happy Singing and Good Luck!


COM125B’s “Online Gaming” Presenters *whistle*

April 10, 2007

COM125B Gaming Presenters

A gaming otaku’s dream come true! Can you guys tell which game characters they’re playing?

Some students have great presentation skills, some are good with video, and some, well, are great at role-playing. I know you want it, so here’s another photo…

How was your Second Life experience?

April 9, 2007

How was your Second Life experience?

Let this poll tell us your personal experience with Second Life. Fill it in and we’ll see the results at the end of class.

It’s Spam-a-lot, but do Relax-a-lot!

April 7, 2007


Like a good breakfast, sometimes you get spam along with eggs, toast and grapefruit. If you’ve had trouble sending in your blog assignments in the comments, don’t fret as I’ve manually dug them out. We’ve been getting hit with tons of spam and the anti-spam system is having trouble telling the good from the bad comments. Hungry anyone?

You’ve Got Grade!

April 5, 2007

Canadian Salmon Grade

I’m still grading your blog entries for Bonus #1 and Week 8’s “Online Politics”, and I’m tabulating your presentation scores.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to put up available grades on UBlearns for your viewing pleasure / displeasure. Don’t worry about the final grade column as the scores haven’t been weighed yet.

You should login to UBlearns to check this out right now…

Aside: I’ll be updating the UBlearns gradebook and will let you know in class when it’s more complete.

This week’s “cool pick” of the class…

April 5, 2007

Siner Fusika

While grading your blogs, I chanced upon all kinds of interesting things you guys have been posting. It’d be a shame if no one saw, so I’m making a list and checking it twice (no, it’s not Christmas yet). Here are recent “non-assignment” blog posts you guys have done (ranked by coolness):

  1. Liyana shows us a demo recording video of her amazing musical group called the Sinar Fusika. She plays bass. I want your album!
  2. Ximin (aka AKnightInRustyArmor) says “If I catch the f**ker who stole my phone, you’re f**king dog meat.” Is there thievery in our class? Hopefully not. Let me know so we can expel the @%#$-er. If you know who did it, better tell the person to own up to him.
  3. Mr Ho Viet Hai (aka Love Volcano or something like that) shows you how to download Youtube videos to your hard drive. No need to buffer videos for your presentations anymore!
  4. Rosalyn (aka Razzle Dazzled) caught a video of who won at the Singapore National Barista Championship 2007, which happened at Suntec City. She wants to upgrade her phone. Pam?
  5. Kenny discovers that SIM ads are everywhere, even on a Marvels Super Heroes News web site. Meanwhile, Hai Lee bakes a Banana Cake. Where’s our dear baker Carol?

Did anything cool lately? Stomp Blog it and let me know…

Video: Citizen Journalism Boot Camp

April 3, 2007

In case you missed this, Zhi, Bao, Pam, Mihiri and Monica have made a hilarious “how-to” video on Citizen Journalism for COM125B.

While I’m not expecting everyone to know how to produce videos, this serves to remind everyone on the importance of media literacy. The future truly belongs to those who don’t just master oral languages well, but the languages of the Web, which are spoken in text, music, photos, videos, photos, and so on.