COM125B’s “Online Gaming” Presenters *whistle*

COM125B Gaming Presenters

A gaming otaku’s dream come true! Can you guys tell which game characters they’re playing?

Some students have great presentation skills, some are good with video, and some, well, are great at role-playing. I know you want it, so here’s another photo…


2 Responses to COM125B’s “Online Gaming” Presenters *whistle*

  1. nuMentally says:

    Looks like you’re raising hell in SIM! Wait I tell your head teacher. But seriously, good job Inju. I was looking back at your other post, and I think you’ve made your class into a experiential course than PPT presentations. For a cognitive psych standpoint, it definitely enhances learning and retention. But most of all, you are challenging your students to think in different dimensions. Who are you? Neo? (time to take out that Neo-look-alike pic).

  2. nuMentally says:

    New Matrix game always online multiplayer too. I wish there is an Elite costume available cos that is what I’ll wear.

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