It’s Spam-a-lot, but do Relax-a-lot!


Like a good breakfast, sometimes you get spam along with eggs, toast and grapefruit. If you’ve had trouble sending in your blog assignments in the comments, don’t fret as I’ve manually dug them out. We’ve been getting hit with tons of spam and the anti-spam system is having trouble telling the good from the bad comments. Hungry anyone?


5 Responses to It’s Spam-a-lot, but do Relax-a-lot!

  1. Priyanka says:

    First Salmon then Spam! Kevin ure on a mission to get yrself poor! haha anymore food and we will demand u to treat us!!! =)

  2. Priyanka says:


    Will we be having a wikispaces end-sem note thing? it will be a good! and wad will be tested? including or not including mid-sem stuff?

  3. theory says:

    Yes, might start the wiki going again. It’s there for you to use. I will only be testing from mid-semester onwards.

  4. Amanda says:

    oh, so it’s called the anti-spam system. now that all the comments are showing, i look really kiasu for submitting mine 4 times in a row 😦

  5. theory says:

    The best “kiasu” award goes to Julius. He’s like having fun with it 😛

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