You’ve Got Grade!

Canadian Salmon Grade

I’m still grading your blog entries for Bonus #1 and Week 8’s “Online Politics”, and I’m tabulating your presentation scores.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to put up available grades on UBlearns for your viewing pleasure / displeasure. Don’t worry about the final grade column as the scores haven’t been weighed yet.

You should login to UBlearns to check this out right now…

Aside: I’ll be updating the UBlearns gradebook and will let you know in class when it’s more complete.


21 Responses to You’ve Got Grade!

  1. Lee Ying-Zhi says:

    For a minute, i thought you were giving out grade 1 salmon to us. Damn, now i feel like eating that.

  2. theory says:

    Now that you mentioned it, I feel like having Sashimi. Japanese anyone?

  3. Mariani says:

    sure! when and where? your treat? 😛

  4. Pam says:

    lets all go out for a nice Jap meal aft our exams….we’ll make it a yummy class outing!!! 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    that’s great pam…i love jap food…yum 🙂 kevin’s treat? ha ha ha

  6. Suying says:

    kevin’s treating?!?!?!! wheeeeeeeeee!!!!

  7. Benjamin Yap says:

    wow… i want marguro! anyway the grades are not the percentages rite… it would still be made upon 100%?

  8. theory says:

    Mariani again… always hungry for food, especially the free kind. I wonder how much it’ll cost to feed sushi to an entire class. I think I’ll go into debt! 😛

  9. Food sounds great to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sushi Tei or Ichiban Boshi sounds fab!

  10. Cheon Ee Lin says:

    Hi Mr Kevin,

    I have checked the grades in UB Learns. However, the grade for week 1 is 2/3. The blog entry for Week 1 is the introduction right? Just to clarify, didn’t you say we will get the full grade just for doing it?

    Thank you.

  11. Priyanka says:

    Kevin’s treating us to sushi??? Me want in too!!!

  12. Lee Ying-Zhi says:

    Let’s go for sushi buffet, those with sashimi!!! oh mannn kevin, why did you choose that photo?? ahhahah,

  13. Amanda Kee says:

    I bet he is regretting it now…

  14. Hey Kevin, thank you for agreeing to treat us!

    just want to check,

    Do we get extra points for doing the bonus mission?? Cos it seems that the bonus mission in my grades under com125 are not graded. 😦

    i can feel the hamachi, and the hotate down my throat already! lalala.

  15. theory says:

    Guys, I never agreed to treat you (WAH WAH WAH!). There’s just too many of you! Maybe the top students based a competition I’m planning for next week. You might want to beg, borrow or steal (ok, no stealing) a video camera for it…

  16. Mariani says:

    competition for free sushi? i join. Any clue about it.
    btw sir, every student in your class always hungry for free food 🙂
    you just didn’t know it 😛

  17. Priyanka says:

    ohhh….ok…so we make a vid abt how much we want free sushi from u?

  18. I don’t have my grade for week6. I did this bonus mission.

    Thank you for the advice for the gaming. You are very knowledgeable.

  19. Mihiri says:

    kevin have u finished marking all the blog assignments so far? without this weeks that is? coz some of the grades in ublearns r blank that why…

  20. I did the bonus mission for week 6. Why is it zero?

    The video worked didn’t it?

  21. I still don’t have the grade for bonus mission 1. Why is it zero?

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