Guest Speaker: Jennifer Lewis, Editor of STOMP


At last weekend’s Nexus 2007 conference, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on Citizen Journalism. From there, I got to know one of the speakers, Ms Jennifer Lewis as the Editor of STOMP. Whether you’re a casual blogger or an aspiring journalist, this guest speaker session should be interesting to you.

Ms. Jennifer has taken time off her busy schedule to share with us on what STOMP is about, as well as to discuss the state of citizen journalism in Singapore. I’ve informed her about your blog posts and your suggestions to improve STOMP, so this is a dialogue you won’t want to miss.

As usual, it will be this Wednesday, 10.30-11.30am at LT4.13.

There will be regular lessons for the 2nd day this week, as I need to share with you a short presentation as well as to check on your progress in Second Life.


2 Responses to Guest Speaker: Jennifer Lewis, Editor of STOMP

  1. Andrea Ng says:

    my real comments for this entry are:

    don’t know u 2 sync this or…but Elaine is getting someone (can someone fill in the info) to guest-lecture us this thur and we’re supp to pretend to be reporters and interview him.

    On tue, she’s gonna teach us how to be journalists/reporters.

  2. theory says:

    I didn’t plan it with Ms. Elaine, but it seems serendipitous that the whole week is going to be about journalism. Happy Time!

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