Second Life getting mainstream here…

Lion City

The past two weeks has been interesting. There has been signs of Second Life (SL) getting more mainstream in Singapore. As such, I’m ordering everyone start immersing yourselves into SL early, so as to fully experience what it has to offer. SL has a high learning curve so get the hang on it in your free time. Ride the wave now before you get left behind. Even if you’re too cool for school, you can join in from home.

Some of you showed interest in building a virtual SIM campus in SL, so I’ve contacted SIM administrators for permission. Even if we can’t finish this by the end of this semester, it’s be fun and useful to do it as a project outside of class time. I’ve also contacted Alvin Loo to see if he could give us some land in “Lion City”.

Lastly, I’d like to try to organize a virtual meetup in Second Life. Once more of you are ready, we can meet in there and conduct classes, or just explore the world together.

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4 Responses to Second Life getting mainstream here…

  1. Andrea Ng says:

    I will have to be in school for the virtual meetup, so plsss don’t make it midnight ok?

  2. theory says:

    Won’t that be fun? How about we start a geek camp in the computer lab?

  3. xian says:

    hmm, how would I sign up for SL without a credit card? I almost joined a few months ago but teh credit card thing was too much trouble.

  4. theory says:

    You don’t need a credit card. Students have gotten on in the computer labs without a problem.

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