Our first “Most Popular” blogger: Jiayi


Her recent blog post entitled “The STOMP to Citizen Journalism” has caught the attention of Global Voices Online writer, Preetam Rai.

Her article now appears alongside other interesting news from around the blogosphere. Though it’s a quick blurb (which appears on the blog’s sidebar), it’s a good start for something I’ve been encouraging all students to do, that is…

To Get Public Recognition For Your Work

Global Voices Online is a non-profit global citizens’ media project, sponsored by and launched from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School. Since Global Voices Online serves an international community of bloggers, it’s a popular blog, so Jiayi should start getting visitors soon.

@Jiayi: Congrats! You have now earned the first ever COM125 “Most Popular” blog award for being linked by a reputable news media. Keep up the great work! 🙂

@Everyone: Publicize your work! A tip to get visitors would be to read more blogs and to leave decent comments on them. Most bloggers would naturally be curious about you and return the favor in kind!


21 Responses to Our first “Most Popular” blogger: Jiayi

  1. Andrea Ng says:

    wah congrats jiayi!

  2. jiayi says:

    im shcoked!!!!!! seriously i think thr r other ppl in our cls who can write a lot better than me….

  3. Congrats! Life is full of surprises and you never know what the future awaits for you. All the best!

  4. Wong Renhao says:

    wow. Global Voices!! good job!

  5. Andrea Ng says:

    tsk tsk. so humble *nudge

  6. Shamala says:

    congrats jiayi…

  7. WOW! congratulations! 😀

  8. mariani says:


  9. Lee Ying-Zhi says:

    yeah.. miss popular!!! haha

  10. ying says:

    wheeeeeeeee~! global voices! so pro! congrats jiayi! =)

  11. Priyanka says:

    WOW!! *whistles* *cheers* CONGRATS!! =)

  12. Kevin says:

    Some of you write very well, but that’s not enough. You need to let your work be discoverable. Comment on other people’s blogs and they’ll comment on yours. Sometimes it’s just luck too.

    One more thing, if you blog about things besides your usual assignments, and get mentioned somewhere mainstream, do let me know. I’ll give you the award and make a mention here so everyone will know.

  13. Sabrina says:

    stunning… great work jiayi! keep it up!!!!

  14. Carol Liu says:

    Congrats Jiayi!

  15. Doesn’t this call for a celebration? How about a pizza party in class? Heh heh..

  16. jiayi says:

    aiyyooooo….no nid la….

    thanks a lot everione…

  17. Kevin says:

    With less than four weeks left, I think we could start celebrating until we end. Pizzas and Singshot anyone? Are we actually allowed to eat in the labs?

  18. Mariani says:

    haha as long as we do not make noise and clear up the mess in the end of hthe class i think it will be ok. pizza..yeiyyy….mr kevin treat?

  19. Wong Renhao says:

    @Kevin (this @ thing is going everywhere): technically no, but don’t care la. we did it with a previous lecturer before. just… make sure everyone’s in class then lock the doors or sth ;P

  20. Lee Ying-Zhi says:

    aiyah, invite the person who’s most likely to make noise.. haha, tt’s the trick!

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