QotW9: What’s Citizen Journalism? (w/ extra credit)

STOMP slippers

Journalists, Bloggers, Whistleblowers and so much more!

Here’s the Question of the Week (QotW):

  1. Explore The Straits Times’ STOMP.com.sg
  2. Based on the readings below, is STOMP an ideal form of citizen journalism for Singapore?
  3. Regardless of your response, how would you improve it?
  4. Make a concise argument in 500 words or more (proper written English), supported with at least two APA-style citations.
  5. Start the title of your blog post as “QotW9: _____”
  6. Drop a comment here with a permalink to your blog post.
  7. *Selected posts will be shared with Jennifer Lewis, Editor of STOMP.

Here’s the Extra-Credit (BONUS MISSION):

  1. Contribute news to STOMP via SMS or MMS at 75557, or via email 75557@stomp.com.sg
  2. If your contribution appears on the site, publish a link to it in the comments below (mark it “BONUS MISSION”)
  3. Extra-credit will only be given if your news gets accepted.

31st March, Saturday, 5pm
Warning: Late work will not be graded

• “We the Media” Chapters 1, 3, 9 (Web / PDF)
Note: The Web version has the whole book on the same page.

• We the Media (remaining chapters)
• Nieman Reports: The Future Is Here, But Do News Media Companies See It? (Web summary / PDF report)
• “How Technology is changing the Media” at Berkman Center for Internet and Society (Google Video)
New York Times: All the World’s a Story (19th March, 2007): Assignment Zero, a new online journalism experiment,  combines reporting efforts of readers to tell the world a story (a crowdsourcing example).


74 Responses to QotW9: What’s Citizen Journalism? (w/ extra credit)

  1. Priyanka says:

    just thinking out loud….the extra credit right, so even if we send a possible story to STOMP and does not get shown we do not get the marks?

  2. theory says:

    Good question. First, it doesn’t have to be long. Second, it’d be a mark of quality, sort of like having the real-world news agency grade your submission for me. It is extra credits after all, so no harm for anyone to try.

  3. Lee Ying-Zhi says:

    waaah tt’s fast hema!

  4. Priyanka says:

    now everyone is tryin to be the fastest in ‘handing-up’ the ASSignment! oops did i start something here? haha…

  5. theory says:

    I need to clone myself to get the grades done faster… 😛

  6. Sangheetha says:

    another one done…

  7. http://felsong125.blogspot.com/2007/03/what-is-citizen-journalism-citizen.html

    At last! At 2.23 in the morning. Yawn..I’m off to bed and hopefully some rest.

  8. Cheon Ee Lin says:

    here it is:


    also, when will our blogs grade for the qotw6 bonus mission and qotw8 be out? so if i have done 10blogs and got full-grade, does it mean i can be more “relac”? (hehe) anyway does the 10 best grade for blogging includes the bonus mission? thanks.

  9. Mihiri Salpitikorala says:

    Assingments I tell u……..arrrrghhh!!!!!!


  10. Mihiri Salpitikorala says:

    *assignments 🙂

  11. jonathan yip says:


  12. Charlotte Ng says:

    oops sorry i haned in early just that forgot to leave the link.hopefully kevin you can check form RSS feeds


  13. Ho Viet Hai says:

    @ Charlotte Ng: RSS feed will help , dun’t worry

    here is my forgotten link


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