QotW7: Online Communities


What is community? Can community emerge from online interaction? What are the implication of the internet for traditional communities? This week, we’ll be discussing the concept of computer-mediated community.

Here’s the Question of the Week (QotW):

  1. Join Twitter.com
  2. Explore it, setup your profile (pseudonyms if you want privacy), add your classmates (and myself if you wish) as friends, then start some conversations going.
  3. After using Twitter through the web, instant messaging or your phone (SMS), would you consider Twitter an online community? If not, what is it?
  4. To argue your case, use key concepts from the required readings Virtual Communities: Abort, Retry, Failure?” by Fernback and Thompson (1995) and/or “Net Surfers don’t ride alone” by Wellman and Gulia (1996).
  5. Make a concise argument in 500 words or more (proper written English), supported with at least three APA-style citations.
  6. Start the title of your blog post as “QotW7: _____”
  7. Drop a comment here with a permalink to your blog post.

17th March, Saturday, 5pm
(Warning: Late work will not be graded)

• “Virtual Communities: Abort, Retry, Failure?” by Fernback and Thompson (1995)
• “Net Surfers don’t ride alone” by Wellman and Gulia (1996)

Optional Readings
• “Friends, Friendsters, and Top 8: Writing community into being on social network sites” by Danah Boyd (2006)
• “Wikipedia: Reputation management


73 Responses to QotW7: Online Communities

  1. Valerie Lam says:

    i’ve done the blog entry… but somehow he doesn’t appear on my blog! when i go back to edit or previous posts it’s shown there as published… i hope it appears soon… till i get the permalink…i’m done!

  2. jiayi says:

    tis is my wrk…finalli done!

  3. Yong En says:

    hey kevin…i posted my post earlier this afternoon..but I just checked it did not appear when I open the blog at home…so here’s the link again..in case..

  4. I’m done!


    It’s a bit long… so sorry about that ^___^ Have a nice weekend everyone! Keep twittering! 😀

  5. Wan Ting says:

    Here’s my bit for this week!


    P.S. : Kevin, I have yet to receive my grades for my previous entry… =[


  6. theory says:

    I’ve graded your blogs, but did not leave comments this time. I’ll only leave a comment if you didn’t get full grades. I’ll be publishing grades on UBlearns soon so you can see your overall standing. Bonus mission grades delayed but coming soon.

  7. Wong Renhao says:

    Heh. No news = good news eh?

  8. […] Uses As seen in my student blogs about Twitter this week, while most of them considered Twitter an online community, many considered it a weak one […]

  9. […] across frameworks from our readings on communities, both online and offline. You can see their responses here. I surmised that even though you can add as much friends as you want on Twitter, it still seems to […]

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