This week: Privacy & Surveillance + Guest Speaker

Good job on your blog assignments (see the award-winning blog entries)! This week, each COM125 module will be presenting “Privacy And Surveillance” and their Powerpoints will be shared on the downloads page upon submission:

  • Monday’s presentation by COM125A is now available and will be conducted by Shamala Devi, Siti Nur Aliah, Siti Hamimah, Dalina Daud. You may download the Powerpoint here (1mb).
  • Tuesday’s presentation by COM125B is now available and will be conducted by Charlotte Ng, Carol Liu, Nashrin Banu, Raihana Omar, Siti Zawiyah, Thu Ha Vo. You can download the Powerpoint here (1.4mb).

Note the following for your class presentations:

  1. Make sure to submit your presentation at least one day ahead of your presentation day.
  2. I will be vetting the presentation beforehand and giving my initial review if it’s sent early enough.
  3. Late submissions are now inexcusable as I’ve already deferred the responsibility of printing handouts to your peers.

Finally, we’ll have a guest speaker this week, to be announce either for Wed or Thurs (stay tuned for blog updates). Benjamin Koe (Hill & Knowlton Senior Associate / New Media Specialist) will be speaking from experience about “Public Relations & Online Communities”. If you’ve noticed, online communities will be the topic for next week.


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