The Penalty for Lateness

As agreed: The sign-in sheet will be removed 5 mins into class. Come early to sign in.

Too many of you have been coming in late to class, especially for both your classmates’ presentations as well as on guest speaker days. While some of you have made it a habit, some mentioned how earlier classes ran over their times.

From now onwards, I will no longer accept any excuse whatsoever for lateness. As adults, you are expected to do everything in your power to reach class punctually (including leaving the earlier class on time!). Coming in late constitutes disrespect for your peers and ruins the learning experience for everyone.

As mentioned before, I will now institute phase one of the lock-down protocol:

  1. The class sign-in sheet accounts for your participation points.
  2. Class will start 5 minutes after official time as agreed.
  3. Sign-in sheet will be removed when class begins.

If things fail to improve, phase two will include locking of the doors, upon which there is no hope left for the human race.

Finally, class will be at LT4.13 as usual, unless I state otherwise.

Please follow your timetable instead.


4 Responses to The Penalty for Lateness

  1. PriMenon says:

    but but but…those of us in semester3 have a 11 to 1230 class on Thursdays which is right before com125 which starts at 1230…. how can we leave 10 min b4 class ends? We usually has quizzes on Thursdays…

  2. PriMenon says:

    oops i pressed too early….plz do consider wad im saying…coz sometimes our previous lecture will continue to lecture…we will of coz do what we can to get to class on time, but what about things beyond our control?

  3. theory says:

    Menon, thanks for sharing. I could have been informed about this earlier, but no one came forth, meaning no one cared. Do you see how unfair that COM125 is treated with less importance?

    I can compromise by starting class at a time we can agree on. Let’s figure out the best way to manage this during class.

  4. Cheon Ee Lin says:

    here is my bonus mission:

    I tried sending this once but didnt see it appear in the comment.

    Regarding the visiting of friend’s blog to add comment (peer-review), I will submit comment again later when I have done it. Because now there are still many who have yet posted.

    Thank you.

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