This Week: Copyright & Creative Commons…

Tags derived from COM125 Copyright Blog Assignment

Just thought I’d share a visual way in which I could see which solutions were more popular over others. The bigger tags mean higher frequencies in your blog posts. As visible above, the top alternatives to copyright alone included:

  1. Creative Commons (CC)
  2. Public Education on Copyright
  3. Encouraging User Ethics
  4. Commercializing P2P file-sharing networks
  5. Lowering prices of media content (affordability)
  6. Digital Rights Management (DRM as a technical regulation)
  7. iTunes (represents convenience over illegal downloading)

For those interested in how I did this, I used

Now, for this week’s class…

Mashups as Creative Culture

What is Copyright?

Creative Commons: A granular version of Copyright?

Real Life applications of Creative Commons

The Future of Content Creation


One Response to This Week: Copyright & Creative Commons…

  1. C Hemalata says:

    I tried and thought that it was quite interesting to play around with! Never knew that it even existed till now.

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