On the fear of competition…

saving face As we read about copyright and the paradox of public goods, we face another paradox in education: the fear of competition. More so in the Asian context, it’s all too common for students to “save face” by being careful not to outshine their fellow classmates.

I’d like to remind everyone that for students who produce exceptional work, they will NOT affect the way I grade the rest of you. I’m generous with the grades so long as you’ve met assignment requirements.

Work that exhibit exceptional effort are what I term as going “beyond the call of duty”. This is why I instituted the medal policy… to give commendations where academic grades cannot.

I’m a firm believer that you should let nothing stop you from pursuing your interests to the fullest, and that your blogs are one way of being recognized for your aspirations.

Work hard and you’ll earn the grade.
Work harder and you’ll earn respect.


2 Responses to On the fear of competition…

  1. Mariani says:

    just want to comment on the picture that you put. i watched it before. it’s quite.. er… unique. so, why you put it? don’t say that you are fans with it

  2. theory says:

    The movie title says it all. If you know the movie, you’ll know how difficult it is to “stand out” from the rest, especially in the Asian context. I’m trying to encourage students to not be afraid of showcasing their talents by writing passionately for their blog assignments. 🙂

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