QotW3: Sharing, Copyright & Creative Culture

Better start reading…
Here’s the Question of the Week (QotW)

  1. How can we accommodate both the interests of content creators and the public good? What technical and social structures are needed to do so?
  2. Make a specific argument in 700 words (proper written English), supported with at least three APA-style citations.
  3. Cite facts from this week’s readings, including external sources where possible.
  4. Start the title of your blog post as “QotW3: _____”
  5. Drop a comment here with a permalink to your blog post.

Extended to 3rd Feb, Saturday, 5pm
(Warning: Late work will not be graded)

A design goal of the Internet was to simplify the sharing of information. By all accounts, it has succeeded in achieving this goal. The popularization of the Internet brought this capacity for sharing into conflict with some existing philosophical, social, and legal institutions. Next week, we will be discussing copyright, sharing, and the impacts of the Internet on creative culture.

Copyright and Conflict
An Introduction to Copyright (pp. 2-10)
Copyright Myths and Misconceptions

Sharing and Stealing (pp. 2-36)
Effect of file sharing on record sales (Intro and Conclusion)

What’s the Download?
Real story of the rogue rootkit (Sony DRM fiasco)
Layperson’s guide to filesharing lawsuits
Is suing your customers a good idea?

Creativity and Culture
The mouse who would be king (review of FreeCulture)
Remix culture: a rights nightmare

The Shadow Internet


83 Responses to QotW3: Sharing, Copyright & Creative Culture

  1. Kevin,

    What do you mean by “argument”? Are we supposed to choose to make an argument for the side of the content creators or the public?

    Are we supposed to write about how a balance can be struck between both parties? That is, do we offer our own opinions supported by evidence?

    In other words, I’m trying to ascertain whether this assignement is more of our personal opinions or a mini-reseach paper like the previous assignment.


  2. Hi hope you can add a comment this time.

  3. theory says:

    Hello all, as explained in COM125A today, you have to find a solution to accomodate both parties, content creators as well as the public good, in terms of copyright. What should be changed, or not changed, and why. Argue your stand on the issues as discussed in the readings. 🙂

  4. heres my assignment. hope it is ok..

  5. Yong En says:

    It’s hot off the oven! Mr Lim, please email me or leave me a comment of something because this time I hope there is nothing wrong with my RSS feed and that I did hand in on time..thank you!!!

    here’s the permalink: http://www.com125.bazzar.blogspot.com

  6. Ximin says:

    Assignment 2 permalink.

  7. Maria Paul says:

    hope you enjoy reading it:)

  8. jiayi says:

    here is my hard work…hahaa

  9. Pamela says:

    this is the link to my 2nd blog assignment…hope i got everything right 🙂

  10. julius ethan says:

    i’m clueless as to how to make my references clickable links. oh well…


  11. Siti Nur Aliah says:

    here goes nothing! hope the referencing is better. :X


  12. Andrea Lim says:

    Apparently I’ve added my permalink wrongly. Can someone please enlighten me?

  13. Hans A Yamin says:

    DONE!!! finally… phew! sessioning Bass for Disinterium later on this evening at Phunk Bar for a mixed genre gig. Feel free to drop by, anyone.


  14. Mariani says:

    hopefully i do it right….

  15. Here’s the permalink:

    I’ve been trying many times, but the links are just not appearing. I will try again later.

  16. As you suggested i created another blog account. So here it is.



  17. so stressful…fainted…all my formatting changed when i tried to copy and paste. when i posted it i got a shock!!!

    have to re edit for the longest time.


    here it is…

    hopefully its okay…WHEW!!!

  18. Roshni Rawla says:

    here is my post. thanks.

  19. theory says:

    Ladies and Gents, it’s past 5pm now so any submission beyond this comment will be considered late work.

  20. Sangheetha says:

    Oh my gosh, Mr Lim. I am so sorry. I completely forgot about dropping a permalink. Sorry.

  21. Shamala says:

    same here…i also forgot about dropping a permalink..i’m so sorry..

  22. oups! i totally forget my permalinkkkkk 😦


    anyway, here’s it : http://cheillalala.blogspot.com/2007/02/qotw3-file-sharing-era.html

  23. wah suying says:

    i posted my assignment on time too, but i didnt drop a comment hereeeee~!

    here’s the permalink:

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