On this week’s Internet History class…

For this week, it’s all about the History of the Internet. Here’s what we have in store:

Collection of Blog Medals for COM125

  1. Would you like some COM125 blog medals?
  2. Highlights of the best blogs of the week, including:
    1. Kenny’s “Evolution of MMORPGs
    2. Yepp’s “Is The World Still Round?
    3. Melissa’s “Just How Interconnected Are We?
    4. Amanda’s “Evolution of MUD (to IRC and IM)
    5. Liyana’s “Pros and Cons of E-mail
  3. How to format APA references and in-text citations.
    (See Wikipedia’s examples, Purdue University’s APA Guide, Long Island University’s APA Citation)
  4. Group Presentation Sign-Ups (See updated Calendar)
  5. In-class presentation on the History of the Internet.
  6. Watch a historic documentary called Nerds 2.0.1 (see official web site)

I’ll be posting this week’s mission soon, and it’ll be related to next week’s readings as stated in the class calendar (i.e. Sharing, Copyright and Creative Culture). Do read ahead. Finally, group presentation topics are from Week 4 onwards.


One Response to On this week’s Internet History class…

  1. Wong Renhao says:

    Internet Explorer 7’s RSS Feed indicator glowed bright orange while I was on Google Reader, which I found really interesting, for a RSS reader to have a feed. When I clicked on it, the feed was titled, as I’d guessed, “Renhao’s reading list in Google Reader”. And I was like SWEET I can have just one feed delivering just the updates from my 85 subscriptions!

    Then I noticed there was something wrong with the feed. Each update took more than 24hours to deliver, when I’d clearly set my update schedule for 15min. Being the smart smart boy that I was I had deleted all my other feeds from my IE7 Reader. Luckily I found out how to import feeds so I didn’t have to add them all one by one again.

    Can Kevin or anyone shed light on this? It’s unlike Google to have such a flaw, and even more unlike them to be slow to rectify it if there was indeed one. Is it my computer or what? Anyone else experienced this?

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