On this week’s Blogging 101 class…

For this week, it’s all about blogs. Here’s what I have in store for both days:

  1. A roundup of what you’ve been blogging about.
  2. Introducing our Blog Squad:
    Ho Viet Hai, Andrea Ng, Felicia Song, Su Ying, Renhao
  3. How your blogs will be graded
    (refer to syllabus + related academic blogs).
  4. Continuing last week’s presentation (about blogs & RSS feeds)
  5. How to use Blogger.com (major hands-on session).
  6. If time permits, we’ll explore Google Reader, flickr and del.icio.us

I’ll be posting this week’s mission soon, and it’ll be related to next week’s readings as stated in the class calendar (i.e. History of the Internet). Do read ahead. Finally, group presentation sign-ups coming soon (choose from Week 4 onwards).


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