Next Week: Blogging 101 @ Labs (Updated!)

Next week’s classes will be held at the computer labs instead of our usual classroom. For Week 2, COM125A will be in Rm 5.33 (30pax) while COM125B will be in Rm 5.23 (48pax).

These rooms have just enough computers for each class size, so if you’ve swapped classes without my knowledge, you’d do well to keep me posted next time.

Readings for Week 2 (via our Calendar):


For the Blogging 101 class:

  1. Bring your blogging questions to class.
  2. You are responsible for clearing any doubts you have about blogging, since I will start grading you based on your blogs once I start handing out assignments.
  3. I’ll need “unofficial blogging assistants” since it’s unlikely that I can assist everyone in class. For those of you who are experienced with blogs, let me know if you’re interested in volunteering here in the comments.

10 Responses to Next Week: Blogging 101 @ Labs (Updated!)

  1. hey! i’ll like to volunteer as an “unofficial blogging assistant”!

  2. Wong Renhao says:

    me too… although i dunno how much i can offer. just try la hor ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. suying says:

    i can help too! i think. ha.

  4. Ho Viet Hai says:

    For technical assistant, leave it on my shoulder Sir

  5. Kevin says:

    Awesome! As you know, not everyone is evenly skilled in terms of computer literacy, so as I teach in class, I’d appreciate it if you can help the weaker students out. This way class won’t get disrupted as much. I think you’ll enjoy the experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I think I’ve been roped in already, right? Not that I’m all that good at blogging…

  7. Benjamin Yap says:

    does that mean that our blogs now aren graded? cause i still kinda suck at blogging ya know…. hehe

  8. Benjamin Yap says:

    OH yeah another thing do blogging ‘asses’ get extra brownie points? ehehehe

  9. theory says:

    Benjamin: The blog grading is explained in the syllabus, but I plan to elaborate on it since some of you might not be clear on it. You can’t really suck at this blogging assignment because it’s pretty directed. If you’re in COM125b, you’ll hear my explanation tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. sarah says:

    i think i messed around with some the html codes so my blog only shows the very first post. but i’ll try to get it all up and running again hopefully by this weekend!

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