Week 1: Update Info & Join Blogger.com

Your first week’s mission has been updated:

Part 1: Email your photo
Part 1: Update your Student Information Sheets
(Deadline: Next Week)

Some your submitted photos ended up in my enormous Gmail spam bin. Please assist me by taking your Student Information Sheet and doing the following :

  1. Glue a passport-size photo of yourself to the sheet’s top right corner.
  2. Indicate the classes you’re in with me (i.e. COM125a, COM125b, and/or COM242).
  3. Add your new COM125 blog address.

Part 2: Blogger.com
(Deadline: 19th Jan, Friday, 5pm)

  1. Set up your blog on Blogger.com
  2. Write your first blog post about yourself, including your name, photo, age, other URLs (e.g. flickr, friendster, etc) and what you want me to know about you (e.g. your special abilities such as photography, videography, musician, programming, gaming, etc). Express yourself creatively for maximum impact!
  3. Drop a comment here with your name and a link to your blog.

Part 3: Facebook.com (Optional)

  1. Set up your profile on facebook.com (if you haven’t done so)
  2. Join the COM125 facebook group which I’ve setup.

Note any questions you might have about your Blogger.com blog so you can ask me on Week 2 where I’ll be doing a hands-on session on blogging. The Facebook group would allow me to learn more about you, as well as for you to learn about me.


85 Responses to Week 1: Update Info & Join Blogger.com

  1. Graham Choo says:

    Here’s a link to my blog. In case you’re wondering what’s with the e-mail address, i share the same account with my twin brother =P

  2. The link to my blog and the necessary info.=)

  3. Valerie says:

    here’s my link to the blog.

  4. Kevin Lim says:

    Well done people! I’m glad to know how seriously you’re taking this class… Happy times for everyone! 🙂

  5. here’s my link to my blog

  6. jiayi says:

    here is the link to my blog…have fun reading it…

  7. Maria Paul says:

    here it begins..link link link 🙂

  8. the link to my crappy blog =)

  9. I am so sorry for my previous post. It seems that i mistype my link. Here’s the correct one =)

  10. Mariani says:

    my name is ony mariani.

  11. Mariani says:

    oh ya sir. do we really need the book for the COM 125?

  12. Click on my name for link 🙂

  13. hah! i finally did it…before 12midnight! here it is…in its primitive state

  14. jiayi says:

    i change my blog address due to some probs…have fun reading it..

  15. Here’s my blog 🙂

  16. Pam says:

    Here’s my blog guys!

  17. Carol Liu says:

    Hi, here’s my blog!

  18. Andrea Ng says:

    Hi, my green blog!

  19. Renhao says:

    I can’t believe how long I took to do this. And you probably won’t believe how long my post is.

    Have fun. Main blog: http://mozartwannabe.blogspot.com

    Oh and, I’m taking COM125 class A, as well as COM242.

  20. Yong En says:

    Hey there! Here’s the link to my bloggiex..=)

  21. Hello there! Here’s my blog~! 🙂

  22. My very own blog! Wow wow wee wah!

  23. Jane Killick says:

    The celebration of blog time.

  24. Raihana O says:

    my link to you-know-what~

  25. Hema says:

    My blog is FINALLY up!!

  26. Jonathan says:

    hey, here’s the blog

  27. Khoo LayHowe Bryan Anthony says:

    Well here it is. Finally.


  28. faithyy says:

    okayyyys. its finally up.
    have fun burning your weekend reading all of our blogs!
    hahah… =)
    actually… it is fun.
    i got to know a lot about my classmates through the introductory post of the blogs.

  29. jumping on the [required] bandwagon.
    here’s my blog.

  30. Benjamin Yap says:

    here wweeee gooooooooooooooo

  31. Dalina says:

    here it is..finally..

  32. Cheon Ee Lin says:

    Welcome to the little world of Ee Lin:

  33. Jasmine says:

    Here’s my little paradise’s address:

  34. Amanda Kee says:


  35. Mihiri says:

    Can’t believe I’m doing this..Aiyo!!!

  36. Here is my blog 😉

  37. Here is my lifewonders 🙂

  38. Nashrin Banu says:

    Sorry about that
    This is the correct one.

  39. Roshni Rawla says:

    Here is my blog…tried my hand at it. Hope it is ok.

  40. […] COM242 (Mass Media Effects) classes open for public participation. Do feel free to drop comments on our students’ blogs as […]

  41. Firdhaus says:

    Well hello teach… Firdhaus here and my link is also here


  42. Jonathan LEE says:

    here is the link to MY blog… read at your own risk!

    BTW, i’m in class A for COM125 and am in your COM242 class too…

  43. Jose Kasijo says:

    here is the link to my blog!

  44. Isa Syed says:

    My blog…Peaceout..

  45. hi sorry for creating the blog late… im a computer idiot.

  46. Jerry Tan says:

    Hope I’m not too late submitting my blog at this hour.

  47. sarah says:


    anyway, here’s the new blog add.

  48. oh no i forgot my username and password….. then i create another new blog?

  49. Ho Viet Hai says:

    Is there anyone in class A who willing/may/can/want/kind to switch with me to class B? Tks so much ( Sorry Mr Kevin for this comment)

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